Get ready to explore a whole lot of benefits you get when you avail the end-to-end hosting solutions as offered by the experts at Mount Galaxy.

Flexibility Level

At Mount Galaxy, we help you to manage your email accounts, server configurations and bandwidth usage with ease.We help you enjoy a lot of benefits.

Capable Technicians

We are forever present for our customers. Be it any query related to hosting services, we are well capable towards eliminating any issue that you face.

Pricing and Plans

We have laid down all the plans along with the features it has on offer. The pricing is such that it will remove all your headaches of having an affordable solution.

Quality of Service

The experts working at Mount Galaxy examine the level of services continuously. When there is a need for improvement, they are quick to reflect the changes.

Powerful VPS hosting, our technology

  • 85 GB Disk Space
  • 2 TB Monthly Traffic
  • 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 24/7/365 Support
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  • $11.00 /year Domain Names
  • Free VPN Access (5 GB)
  • Optional ID Protection
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
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The plans are loaded with features and affordable overall. The customer interests have been kept in mind in order to bring out the best plan.


$ 750.00
/ mo Or $ 8500 Yearly!

  • 100 GB HDD
  • 8000GB Bandwidth
  • 8096MB RAM
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • 10 Dedicated IP Addresses

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$ 150.99
/ mo Or $ 2700 Yearly!

  • 100 GB HDD
  • 8000GB Bandwidth
  • 8096MB RAM
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • 10 Dedicated IP Addresses

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$ 400.99
/ mo Or $ 4500 Yearly!

  • 150 GB HDD
  • 9000GB Bandwidth
  • 9096MB RAM
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • 20 Dedicated IP Addresses

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By managing the load on the servers and the website, we help you eliminate all the worries of experiencing a huge traffic. We counter the ill-effects of congestion and undergo traffic control.

  • Minimal load on the servers
  • More hits or user traffic on the website
  • Scalability helps you expand the horizon
  • Robustness makes the organizations work seamlessly


Easily configure all your servers by deploying reliable tech solutions that are offered by Mount Galaxy. Be it any type of server, we have specialized in every type you can think of.

  • We help you handle various servers that build an organization
  • Easily manage the complexity levels
  • Anti-virus and firewall protection for servers
  • Check on the overall bandwidth usage

Our goal is customer satisfaction

The only motive we have in our minds is to ensure that the customers are happy with the level of services. Also, we ensure that we are able to address all the grievances in time.

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We help you in getting acquainted to the various service features that are key towards improving your productivity and bettering your workflow.

Multiple Offerings Available

At Mount Galaxy, we offer a lot of options to all the customers. The hosting solutions cater to a variety of businesses.

Virus and Malware Support

Apart from hosting solutions, we offer anti-virus and firewall protection in order to help you keep your data centers safe.

Affordable Solutions For All

We help you in managing your budgets properly. It feels great when one is able to experience the best at affordable costs.

24/7 Help

Issues don’t come up with a prior notice. Our technicians are ready to serve you all round the clock and tackle the related problems.

Bandwidth Control

It is important to get the maximum out of your organization by keeping a check on the overall usage. Minimum usage maximum results.

Easy Upgrade

There are times when you need to have some add-ons in the current hosting package. Mount Galaxy offers easy upgrade of services.

Dedicated Server

We all know that dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration wherein the server is devoted towards a single organization or a single purpose. One of the examples can be a website.

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Virtual Server

We have seen how the technology has been transforming day-by-day. Virtual server has become a key to undergo server management to improve the workflow.

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Shared Hosting

It is really confusing to choose the best hosting techniques since there are a lot of available options. One of them is shared hosting which has become popular among people.

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Email Hosting

The notion we get from email hosting is that it is a service wherein a hosting provider rents out email servers to its users. At Mount Galaxy, we help you achieve more flexibility.

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We value your organizational interests

Here at Mount Galaxy, we are pretty accustomed to the fact that different businesses can have different requirements. We have developed a solution for every situation that you come across.

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