About Us

Mount Galaxy offers multitude of hosting solutions for different types of enterprises. We help you in running your businesses smoothly by providing end-to-end solutions. With us, you will get the best experience of handling servers. The technical minds present at Mount Galaxy ensure that the workflow does not get hampered by any kind of server failure. We specialize in providing solutions for dedicated servers, virtual servers, shared hosting and email hosting. We have ensured that the customers enjoy much more freedom and support like no other. We also believe in offering swift services thus keeping a lid on the waiting time. If one has to wait, it hampers the overall productivity of the organization. Mount Galaxy offers backup facilities, 24/7 support, congestion control, bandwidth utilization, minimizing the traffic and much more. The factors as discussed are necessary to improve the efficiency of the organization. Apart from all these, we offer anti-virus and firewall protection to protect the servers. We help keep your data centers safe.Talking about virtualization, we help the customers with para-virtualization, full virtualization and OS-level virtualization.

These factors have helped us curb the ever increasing IT costs and redundancy. From the consumer perspective, the hosting solutions are pretty affordable and don’t upset your overall budgets. In one line, we can say that you can now protect your servers and businesses with minimal efforts and end-to-end solutions.


We help you in getting acquainted to the various service features that are key towards improving your productivity and bettering your workflow.

Multiple Offerings Available

At Mount Galaxy, we offer a lot of options to all the customers. The hosting solutions cater to a variety of businesses.

Virus and Malware Support

Apart from hosting solutions, we offer anti-virus and firewall protection in order to help you keep your data centers safe.

Affordable Solutions For All

We help you in managing your budgets properly. It feels great when one is able to experience the best at affordable costs.

24/7 Help

Issues don’t come up with a prior notice. Our technicians are ready to serve you all round the clock and tackle the related problems.

Bandwidth Control

It is important to get the maximum out of your organization by keeping a check on the overall usage. Minimum usage maximum results.

Easy Upgrade

There are times when you need to have some add-ons in the current hosting package. Mount Galaxy offers easy upgrade of services.