Privacy Policy

This policy finds its importance in instances where there is an exchange of customer information. It provides all the necessary guidelines that help us in keeping the information confidential. We respect the customer trust and hence take every measure to maintain it at all times.

Information We Need

The information we collect from you helps us in resolving the service requests and technical issues in a better manner. This also serves as a key resource in promoting news and updates regarding our services to all our customers. This information is primarily the name of the user, address, contact number, etc.

The Information We May Collect From You

To provide quality services to you and making a close bond between you and us, we may gather the following information.

  • We keep the record of the information you fill in the form available on our website. These may comprise your name, email address, geographical location, and so on.
  • While availing the technical help, we may record your conversation with our experts; keep your contact number with your consent.
  • To keep a future interaction with you, telephone calls that are received by us or made through will be recorded. This will help us for the further evaluation of our services.
  • At the end of the resolution process or after successfully service implementation, we may ask for your feedback and your personal reviews that we use for the training purposes and research. However, you are not bound to respond to them.
Where We Use Your Personal Information?

We know that you have trust and belief in our services and this is what prompts you to share your details with Mount Galaxy. We forever make sure and take every measure to prevent any disclosure of the information to anyone. We use your information in the following ways:

  • Maintaining the user database
  • To improve the level of services
  • To ask for your valuable feedback
  • To send the notification of technical alerts, updates, and other service related information
  • To make you aware of our exciting features that you might need
  • To carry out the valid business process with  customer consent
  • To avoid fraudulent activities or unauthorized access
Steps We Take To Keep Your Information Preserved

We take every possible step to keep the information you provide to us fully confidential. We have an efficient IT team that keeps a close look and any suspicious activity to breach the data and avert these sorts of attempt. All the information you shared with us are kept on our private server that can be accessed only by our higher authority,

GDPR Compliancy

We are well accustomed to the changes that have come up as a part of GDPR compliancy. These guidelines came up on 25th May 2018 and they have given us an idea as to how we can keep the user data protected and secure in our databases. There is a need to issue a statement that describes the strategies one needs to undertake in order to preserve the information we collect from the customers. We want all our customers to know that we are 24/7 active to prevent any kind of data breach that could result in unauthorized access of the information of our customers.

Primarily, these norms are for businesses in EU (European Union) or that involve participation of EU citizens who avail the products and services.

With us, Customers Have the Following Rights Relating to Their Personal data

Under the GDPR policy and data protection law, the customers have the following rights when they share their information with us and avail of our service.

  • Right to access their data anytime they want
  • Modifying, getting their existing data erased
  • Restrict the data processing for availing the service
  • Right to complain to the supervisory authority in case data breach take place
  • Right to withdraw the previously given consent to proceed any kind of services
Contact Us for More Information

If you want to gather more information or you have any queries regarding the privacy policy, you can contact our experts right away. They will be pleased to resolve your queries and grievance in the shortest possible period of time. We also welcome your suggestions and make you feel comfortable at all times.