With Mount Galaxy, the customers can enjoy a multitude of benefits and be a part of the changing trends in technology.


DEDICATED SERVERSFacilitating hosting for a single purpose, it does not address multiple clients. It gives you the capability of adding server externally or in-house. Some of the benefits on offer are easy customization, better uptime, congestion control, enhanced security and all round support.


VIRTUAL SERVERSThrough virtualization, we can achieve the goal of running the OS and apps on a single server. This helps in utilizing the processing power to the utmost. Along with it, the IT framework will also become simpler as well as the redundancy level will be maintained efficiently.


SHARED HOSTINGIf you want to run multiple websites on a common server, shared hosting is for you. This helps in proper utilization of the server resources. Shared hosting provides a solid uptime and makes management pretty easy. This type of hosting facilitates low traffic platforms for the users.


Now you can easily manage both the incoming as well as outgoing emails. This is due to the fact that there will be a dedicated mail server for this purpose. Manage all bills and invoices plus upgrade current solutions just like Yahoo and Google. We help you become independent rather than taking help from such kind of platforms. By helping you to easily manage all email related activities, we ensure that you stay immune towards hacking and stealing passwords.