Virtual Servers


We have seen how the technology has been transforming day-by-day. Also, it has become a key to undergo server management to improve the workflow. Thus, we need to deploy the best support systems to undergo different types of server management. Here at Mount Galaxy, we have realized the importance of efficient server handling. The idea we get from virtualization is that it defines a way to run the operating systems and applications on a single server thereby taking full advantage of the processing power.

Mount Galaxy experts help you make infrastructures simpler and efficient that allows faster deployment of applications. By making IT easier, we help you increase your overall performance. We have also ensured that everything is available to you at a lower cost. Experts at Mount Galaxy help you achieve the desired efficiency by dividing the dedicated server into multiple virtual servers. This helps in streamlining computer network from a technical standpoint.

Mount Galaxy offers a variety of virtualization techniques such as para-virtualization, full virtualization or OS-level virtualization that make use of different components. Moreover, the work is done through unique approaches. Also, hardware virtualization makes the components of real machine virtual.

Virtual servers work on the concept of utilizing more processing power that is available in the physical server. Also, it takes care of the efficiency lower IT costs and redundancy. The trend nowadays is to use a single physical server that can run multiple virtual machines that has been helping the businesses to a large extent. Call us and get to know the various steps to be taken.

Get to know how the various virtualization techniques work and keep it simple for you:

Performance Evaluation

The notion we get from Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is that it is a virtualization infrastructure for the Linux based kernel. KVM is capable of turning that into a hypervisor i.e. a program that easily allows multiple independent operating systems to work on the same hardware host. The advantage it provides is giving a better isolation as well as security to the virtual server. This is achieved without compromising on the overall performance.

Efficient Infrastructure

The new VPS has been built on the robust Openstack technology. This solves the purpose of instant provisioning, better flexibility and control. By deploying the latest hardware and the best-in-class network, we ensure high availability every time you work. The network has been made equipped with a better DDoS protection that enables more security and immunity towards various attacks.

Near-Instant Provisioning

We take no time in configuring and setting up your VPS server. In scenarios where most of the VPS hosting solutions take from hours to days in order to be activated, here at Mount Galaxy, the VPS servers are designed to be provisioned immediately. This helps you be in charge of your work since the servers will be ready for deployment anytime you need them.

Dependable Support

The team consisting of skilled people is always ready to serve you round-the-clock and help you tackle various issues that might come up. These issues can be related to Login, Server boot up, Initial configuration that includes basic firewall, VM network or hardware, rDNS setup and a wide range of cPanel functions necessary to facilitate your workflow.

Improved CPanel

It is a well known fact that every VPS server configuration features a highly acclaimed cPanel interface. Talking about options, it contains everything that is needed in order to deliver the best results. This can be done using a powerful array of tools and options as presented in a slick GUI.

Root Access

With Mount Galaxy, you will get a full administrative access or a Root access to every server you come across. This will allow you to fully customize the server environment that is suited to your needs.


We provide different plans that suit different requirements. Have a look below.


$ 150.99
/ mo Or $ 2700 Yearly!

  • 100 GB HDD
  • 8000GB Bandwidth
  • 8096MB RAM
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • 10 Dedicated IP Addresses

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$ 400.99
/ mo Or $ 4500 Yearly!

  • 150 GB HDD
  • 9000GB Bandwidth
  • 9096MB RAM
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • 20 Dedicated IP Addresses

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$ 750.99
/ mo Or $ 8500 Yearly!

  • 100 GB HDD
  • 8000GB Bandwidth
  • 8096MB RAM
  • cPanel/WHM Included
  • 10 Dedicated IP Addresses

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