Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions have been laid down to give a better idea about the nature of our services and offerings. The customers will get a deep insight about the way we make our services available to all the customers.

Agreement to Terms

In order to become our customer, you need to agree to the terms and conditions as listed on this website. This is important since it helps us in processing your request further. It expresses your willingness towards the terms and conditions.

Modification of Terms

With the advancements in services comes a need for different usage of terms. This is to notify all the customers that there may be changes and modifications on the website. Hence, we request all the users to keep checking the website in order to stay updated.

User Accounts

Every user account needs a certain piece of information. This information is what we collect from you in order to maintain those accounts. We are very dedicated towards ensuring the safeguarding of your information. In case you feel your account is being misused, feel free to notify us as soon as possible.

Termination of Services

If you wish to terminate using our services, you can reach us via call or drop us a mail. We would like to put light on the fact that we won’t stand liable in case of any expenses, costs, damages; losses that could take place out of or related to the termination of your accounts.

Technologies We Support

Since we believe in providing a reliable support, we make use of efficient tools and technologies at Mount Galaxy. This helps us in addressing the needs of all our customers.

Contact Us

You can talk to our experts anytime you feel like. We are forever present for your help and tackle all your issues in no time. Stop delaying and call us immediately.